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Africa: habitats, faunal barriers

Africa: Rainforest cover and faunal barriers (rivers, savanna) subdividing larger forest areas into ”faunistic islands”
Faunal breaks according to Sanderson (1940). Rivers and extent of rain forest cover: based on Sanderson (1940), Diercke Weltatlas (1957), Carr (1968) and Bartholomew (1979)
* According to Sanderson (1940), some rivers such as the Cross River have become faunal 
barriers rather recently because of destruction of former rainforest cover. Such "young" barriers 
have been include as "with limited effect" although they may have a strong effect today, because 
they probably had little effect on the past development of presently existing taxa. 

References: Bartholomew, J. C. (ed.), 1979: The Times concise atlas of the world. Times books, London. Carr, A., 1968: Life - Wunder der Natur: Afrika, Flora und Fauna. Time-Life International (Nederland) N. V. Diercke Weltatlas, 101. Aufl., 1957. Georg Westermann Verlag, Braunschweig Sanderson, I. T., 1940: The mammals of the north Cameroon forest area. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 14: 623-725

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Lorises and pottos: species, subspecies, local populations
Preliminary draft; H. Schulze, H. Fitch-Snyder, L. Larsson et al.
Last amendment: 22 October 1998

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