Distribution maps for lorises and pottos

with some additional data about localities and specimens found

Species, subspecies and local populations of lorises and pottos (Loris, Nycticebus, Arctocebus, Perodicticus, Pseudopotto)
Review of data in tables, compiled by Helga Schulze. Support, cooperation, contribution of data: for Asian prosimians in general: Helena Fitch-Snyder, Lena Larsen and coworkers (San Diego Zoo), Bernhard Meier; for Loris: Anna Nekaris; for Nycticebus pygmaeus: Ulrike Streicher (Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Vietnam); for Nycticebus coucang: Frank Wiens, Annette Zitzmann; for cytogenetic and moleculargenetic data: Yves Rumpler (Strasbourg University) and Christian Roos (German Primate Gene Bank; German Primate Center). Further contributions: see acknowledgements, references


This data review in the present state does not answer the question which populations are subspecies or species or which taxonomic name should presently be regarded as valid, it just provides data maybe useful for taxonomic research and identification of specimens. Data only valid for a local (sub)population are listed under older, presently invalid synonym for this population. This does not necessarily mean that the subpopulation is distinct; results of current taxonomic research may lead to a reduction of the number of populations in the future, or new forms may be discovered and included.

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Lorises and pottos: species, subspecies, local populations
Last amendment: 4 November 2000
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