Preliminary identification key for lorises and pottos
Data for some taxa are still insufficient, based on only few specimens, and it is not sure whether all museum specimens have been correctly labelled. Differences between species are limited and measurements or characteristics usually overlap those of similar taxa, so at present it is not yet possible to present an identification key which allows safe determination of taxa. According to Osman Hill and Phillips (1932) in Loris for instance there is such a variation of colour and markings within populations that only the average colouration of several specimens of a population in connection with other differences may serve to distinguish them from other forms. In addition, verification of taxonomy is still necessary.
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Lorises and pottos: species, subspecies, local populations
Preliminary draft; H. Schulze, B. Meier, H. Fitch-Snyder
 Last amendment: 23 July 2001
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