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Compiler, coauthor, illustration and web-design: Helga Schulze, Ruhr-University Bochum.
Contact: E-mail: Helga.Schulze@loris-conservation.org

University / office address:
Helga Schulze
Department for Neuroanatomy
MA 01/43
44780 Bochum
Phone: x49-234 / 322 8002

Facility for old, sick, surplus lorises: the loris facility of Ruhr University
Providing a safe home for the animals and possibilities for some behavioural, husbandry and other research. More information about this facility is available at ZEFOD, Zentralregister biologischer Forschungssammlungen in Deutschland / Inventory of biological research collections in Germany: http://ice.zadi.de/zefod/projekt.cfm, language: German, English information page: http://ice.zadi.de/zefod/projekt_e.cfm).
Facility address:
Helga Schulze
Hustadtring 147
44801 Bochum
Phone: x49-234 / 70 52 88,
FAX: x49 234 / 970 59 00

Coauthor, assistance in web-design, technical support: Bernd Vornefeld
More about Coauthors. Please do not blame any coauthors for information maybe misinterpreted or incorrectly included by the compiler!

About the data included
Data in this website have been checked carefully, but since a compiler cannot be an expert for everything and this work is usually done during night beside a full-time job and other tasks, presence of some type errors or misinterpretations is possible. Sources are always quoted to allow use of original literature. Data and comments by the compiler are partly included without quotation.
The database is not supposed to decide in cases of controversial views, it tries to provide information as completely as possible, partly with explanatory comments by the compiler, allowing the user to judge on his own..

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR 

In our web pages, personal data like addresses are only included when the people / coworkers concerned  have agreed. For any concerns about contents, if you want a change or removal of personal data or information about our way to deal with personal data, please contact Helga Schulze, e-mail: Helga.Schulze@loris-conservation.org.

Personal data are kept confidential in accordance with the GDPR.
Our data protection measures in detail: see our file about our data protection policy

German / deutsch: Datenschutz-Grundverordnung DSGVO
In unseren Webseiten werden persönliche Daten wie Adressen nur mit Einverständnis der betreffenden Personen / Mitarbeiter angegeben. Bei Beanstandung oder Wünschen, die Inhalte unserer Seiten betreffend, wenn Sie wünschen, dass Ihre persönliche Daten geändert oder entfernt werden oder wenn Sie Informationen zu unserer Datenpolitik wünschen, kontaktieren Sie bitte Helga Schulze, e-mail: Helga.Schulze@loris-conservation.org.

Persönliche Daten werden in Übereinstimmung mit der DSVO vertraulich behandelt.
Details zu unseren Datenschutz-Maßnahmen: siehe unsere Datei zu unseren Datenschutz-Grundsätzen.

Linking policy
Some links to other possibly useful websites are included in this database in a way comparable to quotation of printed literature. Since we have no influence on the content of websites not related to our own work, please do not blame us for information there with which you do not agree.We are not responsible for the availability, contents of other websites or possibly included advertisements, offered products or other contents and refuse to be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for loss or damages caused by use of or reliance on their content, data, offers or services available. Please send information about concerns regarding any external link to  Helga.Schulze@loris-conservation.org.
We agree to links to our web site in other sites as long as that such link do not improperly indicate an endorsement by or affiliation with our project, or otherwise have an adverse impact on it.

Technical information; software needed:
For viewing some of the files published on this site you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, available for free at http://www.adobe.com or at several mirror sites, e.g. http://www.tucows.com.

The loris and potto conservation database is part of a loris conservation project which is charitable as a project of of the German Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz, but is not involved in fundraising. All work done for the project is volunteer, unpaid work, all costs for compiling this website including computer equipment, are paid by the compiler 
If you want to help lorises with a donation or in other ways,  please see our page "How you can help" for possibilities.  

Privacy policy / Datenschutz

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Conservation database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates
Last amendment: 24 May 2018

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