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Dipl.-Psych. Bernhard Vornefeld
Computer, web design

Email: Bernhard.Vornefeld@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Work and fields of interest:
Establishment and support of computer systems, networks (hard- and software)
From 1986 on: software development for research (cognition, environmental psychology, other topics)
Since 1986 member of the General Computer Club Essen; since 1992 member of the managing-committee.
From 1995 on: establishment and maintenance of business and university computer systems in regular employments and as a freelance troubleshooter
Website design, particularly for environmental organizations
Since 1994 political work for the "green" (environmental) party Essen
Since 1998 member of the regional office IV of the Green party of Essen
Some other fields of interest: environmental psychology, philosophy, environmental politics, natural sciences, support of non-polluting energy technologies; crosslinked thinking and methods of resolution

Educational background and experience:
Studies: biology, psychobiology; psychology


Coauthor of the loris and potto conservation database

Streicher, U., Schulze, H., Plesker, R. and Vornefeld, B., 2002: A conservation and health database for lorises and pottos. Primate report 63: 33-39.

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