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This non-commercial database for conservation of lorises and pottos is still under construction and partly unrevised. Please excuse incomplete data; see also impressum: some remarks about the data included. In cases of doubt please use the original literature quoted. Since taxonomy has repeatedly been changed and further changes are expected, taxonomic names included here are not always the names officially valid at present, see remarks added; to be sure for which populations given data are valid see list of synonyms. In some captive care matters such as nutrition experience is not yet sufficient, please do not blame us for any consequences from use of data included here, and please help us to recognize where improvement is necessary. 

Compiler and illustrator: Helga Schulze (Ruhr-University Bochum, contact address), some coauthors: see below. 

Any help to improve this data collection for the sake of the animals would be great. New data are included under the names of authors and are supposed to be quoted under their names by database users. (If you can contribute anything, information how to quote you would be helpful). Useful information may also be included anonymously.

Who´s who in the loris world? Information, publication lists, photos
In alphabetic order of family names:

Simon Bearder, Nocturnal Primate Research Group
Helena Fitch-Snyder, US Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group, field research and loris conservation in Vietnam. 
     Coworkers who helped to develop the loris husbandry manual: see loris husbandry manual index
Colin Groves, taxonomist, primate conservation.
Anna Nekaris: slender loris field research, conservation, Oxford Brookes University MSc in Primate Conservation.
Kathrin Petry, veterinarian
Elizabeth Pimley, potto reseach and conservation
Roland Plesker, veterinarian and primate pathologist
Helga Schulze, database compiler and illustrator, Loris Conservation Project of Ruhr-University Bochum
Mewa Singh, Mysore University, India: loris research and conservation.
Ulrike Streicher, veterinarian and field research (Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Vietnam)
Bernd Vornefeld: support in computer questions, web design
Frank Wiens: field research on Malaysian slow lorises
More coauthors: see coauthor information in the chapter indexes, acknowledgements and references

For other primatologists see for instance the International Directory of Primatology People in Primate Info Net (Library and information service of the National Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Loris male
One of our most important coworkers - a Loris lydekkerianus nordicus  (Photo: H. Schulze)

Please do not keep these little beauties as pets!
See our information about brutal illegal trade to know why

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Conservation database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates
Last amendment: 29 July 2007

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