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Kathrin Petry

Since 1995 studying dysbacteriosis in lorises, since 1999 regular volunteer veterinarian of the loris colony of Ruhr-University.

Thesis in preparation:
Dysbakteriose bei Loris tardigradus und deren Behandlung [dysbacteriosis in Loris tardigradus and its treatment]. (German). An English abstract will be published in the database.

Since 2002: working as a veterinary volunteer in FOTEA - Asociación Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte, an association of Spanish and German animal welfarists trying for instance to help abandoned and ill-treated animals in Ayamonte, Spain. Website: http://fotea.iespana.es/fotea/index.html.

Pfizer, Meriat and Intervet donated medicine for the project. The animals are treated and mediated into good care. Information about the project has been published in German in: Kleintier Konkret (Enke Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany) 6, 2002: 39.

Donations for the
Asociacion Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte / Association for the protection of animals and plants of Ayamonte
Banco de Andalucia, “Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte”
Bank identification code: 0004 31 35 87
Account number: 0600 112 025

Asociacion Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte / Association for the protection of animals and plants of Ayamonte, contact addresses:

Angelika Cano
Avenida de Lucia, 99
21400 Ayamonte, Espana
Elena Martin
Campo de Golf, No. 6
21400 Ayamonte, Espana

Publication list

Coauther of the loris and potto conservation database., including the following chapters:

Schulze, H.; Plesker, R.; Petry, K., 2002: First aid for lorises and pottos. In: Conservation database for lorises and pottos, http://www.loris-conservation.org/database/disease/first_aid_for_lorises_and_pottos.html

Schulze, H. (compiler); coauthors (in alphabetic order): Fitch-Snyder, H.; Vijitha Perera, V., Petry, K.; Streicher, U.;  Sutherland-Smith, M.; Stalis, I., 2001: Health database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates. http://www.loris-conservation.org/database/disease/index.html

Schulze, H. (compiler), coauthors (in alphabetical order): Curio, E.; Groves, C.; Nekaris, K. A. I.; Petry, K.; Schoon, H.-A.; Plesker, R.; Roos, R.; Streicher, U.: Necropsy methods - Information from carcasses which may be useful for loris and potto conservation. http://www.loris-conservation.org/database/wild_survey/index.htm. Under construction. Initial draft based on Wobeser and Spraker 1980: Post-mortem examination, Munson 2000: Necropsy procedures for wild animals, and others (see references).

Schulze, H. (compiler), with data by (in alphabetic order) Meier, B.; Nekaris, K. A. I.; Petry, K.; Wiens, F. et al., 2003: Nutrition of lorises and pottos.  http://www.loris-conservation.org/database/captive_care/nutrition.html

Petry, K.; Braun, H., 2004: Die Krankheitsbilder der caninen Staupe auf den Balearen [Appearance of canine distemper on the Balearic Islands]. Kleintier-Medizin 9 / 10: 254-256  (German)

Petry, K., 2004: A case of  thallium poisoning in a dog.  Kleintier-Medizin   (German)

Petry, K., in preparation: nutrient content in food items. Will be available via: http://www.loris-conservation.org/database/captive_care/nutrition.html

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