Conservation database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates
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First aid for lorises and pottos, care for confiscated animals
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. 1) Taxonomy, populations
Taxonomy for lorises still leaves questions open, certain taxa may still need to be renamed. The taxonomy part in this website needs an update with regard to actual scientific names (in preparation). So far see IUCN red list of threatened species for more actual names
. . Species and subspecies reviews (in preparation) ..
. . Identification key to species and subspecies (in preparation)
. . Distribution maps and additional data concerning places where animals occur or have been found in the past and museum specimen localities .
. . Database for genera, species and populations of lorises and pottos, with some information about habitats and other data relevant for conservation
Since taxonomic research still continues, data of local populations formerly described as distinct, but later included into other taxa as younger synonyms are not matched here, but listed separately. Update of taxonomic names in preparation.
. . Propositions for standardized measuring and description of lorises and pottos for taxonomic purposes
. 2) Methods for field studies and surveys; necropsy and sample collection methods: general index ...
. . Detection in the field, observation, identification marking, survey methods, other 
Information from carcasses and samples found in the wild, collection and preservation methods
. 3) Reintroduction to the wild
. 4) Captive care: general index, permanently updated information; separate index for conservation breeding, studbooks .
. . Fitch-Snyder et al 2001: Management of Asian lorises in captivity: online husbandry manual
. .5) Diseases of lorises and pottos ..
. . Information about diseases and treatment (tables); figures allowing early recognition of problems
. .6) Behaviour .
. . Database in preparation, at present only vocalization and some literature references available .
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Conservation database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates
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