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Loris and potto anatomy: intestine

Left figures: ventral and lateral aspect of the inner organs of a male slender loris (probably L. t. tardigradus or an intermediate L. t. tardigradus / grandis form). Right: half-schematic ventral aspect of the abdominal part of alimentary canal in Loris, Nycticebus and Perodicticus (Arctocebus: similar to Loris), based on Osman Hill and Rewell 1948, Osman Hill 1953 and 1972.


Osman Hill, W. C., 1953: Primates: Comparative anatomy and taxonomy. Vol. I, Strepsirhini. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh.
Osman Hill, W. C., 1972: Evolutionary Biology of the Primates. Academic Press, London, New York.
Osman Hill, W. C.; Rewell, R. E., 1948: The caecum of primates. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 26, part III, no. 1: 199-256

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