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Prosimian primate pages
Conservation-related mailing lists
Organisations involved in loris or potto conservation 
Some organisations providing support
.............. Biological diversity databases
Habitat information 
Websites dealing with illegal wildlife trade
Primate / wildlife rescue and conservation
Orangutan conservation

Some prosimian primate links
    Loris-homepage by Anna Nekaris, one of our permanent coauthors and NPRG member: no longer available
    Noturnal Primate Picture
    http://www.nocturnalprimate.org/, http://ssl.brookes.ac.uk/nocturnalprimates/: 
    no longer valid

Some mailing lists

    Alloprimate mailing list
    A non-human primate mailing list focusing on: primate conservation, ecology, research (lab and field), environmental enrichment, health and disease matters, ethology/behavior, sanctuary/zoo operation and more 

    Indianprimates mailing list
    A mailing list for sharing views, information, and strategies for Indian primates and biodiversity conservation, improving availability of information for practical use 

    Sanctuaries_for_primates mailing list
    of the International Association for Primate Refuges and Sanctuaries (IAPRS), a list supposed to promote communication between primate refuges and sanctuaries around the globe. 

    Primate Net mailing list
    A list for better exchange of information between people invoolved in primate management, rescue and rehabilitation centers, field researchers and other interested professionals, by the Primate Development Team at the Schmutzer Primate Centre, Jakarta.

Links to some other organisations relevant in loris conservation

Some organisations providing logistic and other support for the loris and potto conservation database

    Quantum Conservation
    Quantum Conservation
    The loris conservation project and database are charitable as a project by Quantum Conservation (see also impressum)

    Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project
    Quantum Conservation
    The database gets logistic and other support from the project leader, Professor E. Curio, Conservation Biology Unit, Ruhr-University Bochum

    Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations

    Germany: ZGAP, Zoologische Gesellschaft für Arten- und Populationsschutz, http://www.zgap.de/
    Guntram Meier of the ZGAP kindly supports the database by sending information, for instance about new publications, threat and rescue facilities.
    France: CEPA, Conservation des Espèces  et des Populations Animales, http://www.association-cepa.org/

.............. Biological diversity databases

Some habitat information

Some links concerning illegal use or trade (pet trade, trade for medicinal use, bushmeat / viande de brousse)

    Bushmeat Awareness Group
    Bushmeat Awareness Group Logo

    Haldor Noss

    Documentary Photography Worldwide; photo gallery including images relating to bushmeat taken in and around the Dzanga Ndoki National Park, Central African Republic, and elsewhere, by Haldor Noss, who kindly allowed use of his photos for the database 

Some links to other rescue station and primate / wildlife protection websites: also help needed!
(for more information see also our rescue facilities page)

Some orangutan protection and rescue websites

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