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Standardized body measurement and description of lorises and pottos for taxonomic purposes: index

Review by Helga Schulze with contributions by Holger Preuschoft and others (see quotations, references), revised and improved by Colin Groves
After first revision, some definitions have been improved or corrected (see definitions and figures for skull measurement), and the trunk measuring standard has been improved (date of correction: 6 August 2002). Further improvements with regard to identification of slow lorises confiscated from illegal trade in March 2003.
Loris and potto measurements from literature: see population database.
Standards for measuring and describing lorises and pottos: definitions, figures
including information about determination of age, health and reproductive state. 
For collection of data about animals see also field and necropsy methods
General rules for recording data of an animal
  Labelling, recording of data: see field methods and necropsy chapter: record-keeping, labelling, catalogues, field notes
Bilateral asymmetry and variation within populations
Propositions for form sheets for examination of animals
Propositions for examination of confiscated slow lorises for taxonomic identification, shortened procedure 
     (not too detailed to prevent distress) (PDF, 776 KB)
Draft for a form sheet for detailed description of lorises or pottos for taxonomic purposes
     (entire specimens with soft tissue and fur) (PDF, 11 KB)
Draft for a form sheet for measuring and describing skulls and dentition (PDF, 120 KB)
Some general features
     Determination of sex and reproductive state
     Determination of age
     Determination of nutritional state and health
Description of fur, colour and skin features
     Fur colour and markings (circumocular patches, dorsal stripe, other)
            some information about standardized colour description
     Hair characteristics
     Description of skin and skin glands
Trunk and tail measurements
     Some trunk measuring points and tail measurements
     Trunk measurement standards
     Definitions for trunk and tail measurements
Limb measurements
     Limb measurements
     Definitions of measurements, parts and measuring points of head and ear
Head with soft tissue: measurements and other characteristics
     Shape of the face, muzzle length
     Names of parts and measuring points of head and ear
     Measurements of head and ear
     Definitions of measurements, parts and measuring points of head and ear
Skull and dentition: description and measurements
     Names of parts of the skull
     Measuring points in the skull
     Skull and toothrow measurements
     Definitions of skull and toothrow measurements
     Names and measurements of teeth; diastema lengths
     Names of tooth cusps and ridges: upper jawlower jaw
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