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Loris transport, transport crate details, first preliminary page available New 12 March 2005
Evironmental enrichment: under construction, first preliminary page available New 8 December 2004, continuously improved
Page: "How you can help" New 7 October 2004, updated at intervals
Identification key for lorises and pottos: under construction, partly improved 30 June 2004
Treatment of confiscated lorises whose teeth had been ripped out. In the first aid chapter. Comments / further improvement appreciated. 24 February 2004
Coauthor pages - Who´s who n the loris world? With publication lists Continuously improved
Nutrition page in the captive care chapter 29 January 2004
Improved search possibility via Google 21 May 2003
Population database: updated at short intervals Last update: 23 April 2003
Publication lists of coauthors 2002 / 2003
Necropsy methods: what to do with scientifically valuable carcasses and other biological samples; preservation of specimens and samples: under construction  December 2002
Partial revision, improvement of the taxonomic measuring standard; some definitions corrected 6 August 2002
Update population database , distribution maps 15 April 2002
New threat figures 23 March 2002
First aid for lorises and pottos  new 
Disease database: access to information improved, some updates 
Anaesthesia in N. pygmaeus, in addition to old general anaesthesia and tranquilizer information
2 April 2002
Some new links to other websites 9 February 2002
Standards for measuring and describing lorises and pottos for taxonomic purposes 25 May 2001
Loris vocalization, WAV files and text (see under "Behaviour") 9 March 2001

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